The Tost Valley

The Tost Valley entered history when Arnau Mir de Tost, a medieval knight born here in the year 1000, recovered Western Catalonian towns such as Àger from the Muslims.

The former municipality of Tost included the towns of Tost, Hostalets de Tost, La Bastida de Tost, Torà de Tost, Castellar de Tost, Montant de Tost, Sauvanyà and Fontelles, which today form Ribera d’Urgellet.

There are many historical sites to visit in the area, such as the Mir Knights’ castle, Romanesque churches such as Sant Marti de Tost, Sant Esteve de Sauvanyà, Sant Genis de Torà and Sant Germé de Montant, and small mountain towns such as Torà de Tost, Sauvanyà and Castellar de Tost.

The valley offers a wild, rocky landscape where you can be alone with nature. Complement your stay in the Tost Valley with visits to other places of general interest nearby, such as Seu d’Urgell and Andorra.